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In July of 2013 Detroit filed bankruptcy, the largest major municipality to ever do so.  The internet and media outlets exploded with negative articles, videos and images depicting Detroit as a vast urban wasteland and failed city. 

In the ten years since that significant move to bite the bullet and set the city in a more fiscally prudent direction, Detroit has been working tirelessly to restore the city, it's business climate and landscape to make it viable and attractive to live, work or operate a business here.

Collectively the city seems to have rediscovered the innovation, resourcefulness and the shear strength of it's resolve ... those things that are in the DNA of every Detroiter who loves their city.  The buildings of Detroit are memorials to those great inventors and industrialists and architects and philanthropists who played such a major role in making it a major force during the industrial revolution and now, we have a new breed of pioneers who are taking Detroit to new heights, but not without major challenges.

One thing Detroit, along with many small towns across America learned, is that it's not a good idea to be overly dependant on one business or industry.  While automobiles and transportation are still extremely important, Detroit is diversifying into new directions such as mortgages and finance along with their emerging new technologies, cyber security, and various other high-tech industries. 

Detroit is lucky to have committed leaders and people with the means, and more importantly the determination and resolve to make a difference.  The videos and information within this website are meant to discover the real Detroit as it is now just 10 years since that fateful day.  The goal is to
learn about the accomplishments and new path that Detroit is on ... and recognize those who have put their heart and soul into it's    

Detroit is again becoming a place to visit, conventions, sporting events, shows and a simple cruise on the river ... the streets are clean, with beautifully restored buildings and incredible parks.  Detroit has the latest in high-tech security and downtown Detroit is as safe as any city in the country.

This website is not meant to be about promotion but rather to simply use pictures and information to help people have an accurate perception of the city because it's a whole lot better than most people realise.

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