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In July of 2013 Detroit filed bankruptcy, the largest major municipality to ever do so.  The internet and media outlets exploded with negative articles, videos and images depicting Detroit as a vast urban wasteland and failed Rust belt city.  Not surprisingly, negative perceptions developed and became baked in and still widely exist, to this day.

This purpose here is to provide videos, images and links to insightful articles, to portray Detroit as accurately as possible as we move on beyond from a difficult past.  We will show examples of progress and positive changes that have been made yet not ignor problems that still exist. 

It will be important to acknowledge people and organizations who have been working to restore Detroit, their significant accomplishments and the impact they've had on the city.

It would appear there's an exciting future ahead and we will look at the plans that will help Detroit to continue to reinvent itself so it will be relevant and successfull going forward.  As a city the people have the resolve and ingenuity in their DNA to make this work and to show what can be done when people work together.    

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