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Here we are in 2023 … just 10 years after Detroit filed for bankruptcy … the largest municipality to ever do so.


Much has changed since then … especially downtown … which has essentially been transformed in so many ways … but is grappling with balancing real estate development with demand … and dealing with the after affects of the pandemic  … progress has also been made in the neighborhoods yet there’s much still to be done there as well.


In this series of videos I invite you to join us as we explore how Detroit has been reinventing itself to be more diversified economically and therefore less vulnerable to setbacks … and to be in tune with future trends affecting the social fabric of the city, it’s amazing culture, and the urban landscape that surrounds us.


There is a clear goal to continue to innovative and cultivate business growth and technological development in a variety of industrial sectors and provide an urban climate that attracts the talent and expertise required to excel in these areas.


The stage has been set … with the restoration and repurposing of distressed real estate … beautiful historic buildings which are now trendy apartments … modern offices … luxury hotels and unique restaurants.  New buildings are being constructed and Detroit has the luxury of having vacant land set aside for expansion.


Detroit has big plans for the future and from what I can see there is a committed group of individuals, companies, government agencies, foundations and not-for-profits tackling a wide assortment of issues that affect all people of Detroit … people who have done a great job over the past 10 years and many years before that … and who are poised to make an even greater impact moving forward.

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