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Detroit has been undergoing a major recovery since it went into bankruptcy in 2013. 


This has led to:


  • A clean safe environment for those who live, work and visit Detroit

  • Renovations of  architecturally significant downtown buildings

  • Vast number of newly renovated condominiums and apartments and office space


  • Hotels and restaurants opening


  • Riverfront improvements


  • New stadiums


  • Influx of high tech jobs


  • Wide array of parks and recreation options

  • Ample parking

  • Active entertainment nightlife


  • Beautifully restored theaters and museums


  • Portray Detroit accurately for what it is, a Rust Belt City that is rebounding and reinventing itself as an innovative High-tech player while also grappling with problems that linger from a prolonged economic downturn and readjustment.

  • Play a role in helping to improve perceptions of Detroit throughout the metro area, the state of Michigan and beyond. 

  • Showcase the positive changes and attributes that will play a role in attracting businesses, entrepreneurs and job seekers to the area.

  • Through research and collaboration identify stories that are important to the success of Detroit going forward and acknowledge the role of those who have been working to restore it as an economic powerhouse and great place to live and work.

  • Provide relevant information to people entering the job market or considering a change, to connect them with resources that are available to them, and help them to to better envision places and jobs that suit their life goals. 


  • Embrace the role of the automakers as they adapt to changing market and regulatory trends to continue in a leadership role as new forms of mobility emerge and evolve.

  • Integrate and assimilate important information from a variety of sources, about projects and developments here and present it in a cohesive and easy to understand way.


  • Provide depth and breadth of view while relying heavily on visual representation, storytelling and graphics. 


  • Links will provide easy access to in-depth articles, reports, etc.

  • Create videos and explain what is going on using a variety of images, graphics and footage.


  • Provide the viewer with easy access to a wide range of media produced by others such as existing media outlets including Crain's, The Detroit News and Free Press, the TV stations;  various not-for-profits, companies and businesses, schools, communities and development and promotion driven organizations ... not to mention freelance bloggers and videographers.

  • Place media into a clean, uncluttered theater style environment for viewing.

  • Consolidate the various content into a one page post that can be shared.


  • Develop a knowledge base and bring the pieces together from a variety of existing sources and views.

  • Provide, within the envelope of the post, links to videos, articles and internet sites so the visitor can access a virtual library of information which has been organized for them.  They will always have the option to dig deeper on a particular subject.

  • Utilize digital media from a wide variety of sources to bring the story to life and provide links to on-line blogs, articles, websites, Press Releases etc.. 

  • Enact file naming guidelines and agreements to make insertion and the crediting and, where appropriate compensation of media easier.

  • Refrain from political discourse and be fair and unbiased.

  • Do not censure sources for having a point of view.

  • Where appropriate, provide context, including historical, and insights to help interpret the information and connect the dots to show relationships and issues that exist between the key subjects.


  • Foster partnering and cooperation with one another to better understand what each other does and how they can help move Detroit forward together.

  • Educate people on the wide variety of cultural, sporting, outdoor activities, entertainment and dining options available to them.   

  • Foster greater awareness between those living within the Metro area as well as the state to take advantage of all that we have to share with each other.


  • Be a positive resource and partner as the rebound continues and we collectively find ways to be leaders and innovators economically, culturally and socially so we can compete in the 21st Century and beyond.

  • Create a secure Digital Media storage and sharing platform to help and make media more readily available, streamlined and efficient so it can be shared more effectively between Companies, Organizations, Governmental Bodies, the Media and the various Communities of the Detroit Metro Area and throughout Michigan.

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