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The photo below is a 1968 Pontiac GTO the ultimate muscle car.  


Like this amazing car which quite possibly was sitting in a junkyard at some point ... Detroit is coming back in a big way.   It's incredible what this city is doing ... the people here are amazing.

Detroit has many different layers ... it 's complex and fast moving it's an exciting to be here at this point in time.  There are a lot  of signs of progress right in front of our eyes as we walk around ... or sit  on a park bench ... lean against the railing along the river ... but there's so much more beneath the surface. 

The Dream Cruise is coming up in August officially on the 19th but they've started already ... there will be lot's of GTO's and other muscle cars doing burnouts, cruising and other cool stuff on Woodward between around 10 Mile and Pontiac.   It's cool to see people so devoted to keeping the Dream alive.  It's a blast!


1968 GTO ebay ebs-l1600.jpg
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